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This section has patches from other manufacturers that are rare and typically no longer being produced.

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  1. Great write up! I just build four myself! I added PVC end caps and cut the wood at 5′ long, I felt that 4′ would be a little to short for me. Now what to do with the 3′ wood pieces I have left over….

  2. alexilic73

    Those cutters will eventually wear down.  When the cutter on my WFT needs to be replaced, I can just order a Ti bit and now I have the best of both worlds?

  3. ThreezeroeightPrepper

    This CTS (maybe the other one also) trimmer does not work very well if you plan on shooting different head-stamped brass in different rifles.
    I shoot mainly range brass in a variety of AR-15’s. The trim length of various cases varied wildly! As much as 6 thousandths from case to case. Would probably be okay if you shoot one head-stamp, in one rifle only. Sorry, that’s NOT the way many of us do it.
    Got rid of them, installed the Dillon Rapid Trim 1200B on my XL 650, and solved the problem. I can now trim any head-stamp, fired from any of my AR’s, and they come out great, according to my head-space gauge.
    I do not recommend this product if you shoot an AR, with different head-stamps.

  4. dean5101

    Just bought one now for this weekend, will get at least one more if it goes down to $100 next month: http://amzn.com/B005CF1TMG


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