550 Parachute Cord Handle Cover

550 Parachute Cord Handle Cover

Back in the day I learned during Air Force Combat Survival School how valuable a Parachute, Knife and Flint can be to surviving months in the woods.  We normally do not go hunting or camping with a C9 Parachute but we can easily carry its 550 Cord. In fact you can make items like a knife or axe more user friendly by wrapping it around the handle.


Having large hands this made one of my favorite hunting knives a better fit. It also gave me an emergency supply of valuable 550 Cord. During Survival training we used 550 cord for deer snares, in our primitive housings and yes even to sew with. It has multiple strands of fine thread. While hunting and camping I’ve used it to hang deer, elk and our food stash high away from the bears.

Its very simple to enhance or customize your handle. The first step is to line up the tension string and start wrapping the cord around the handle.


Ax 1b


The best way to wrap the 550 cord is to roll the handle as to not cause a unnatural twist to the cord.

Axe 5

After you have enough cord wrapped around the handle, thread the last bit through the top loop. Then use some pliers and pull tight.

axe 4


Trim the excess and use a lighter or match to sear the ends. I liked the idea of having extra 550 cord available so much I also did the stock of my politically incorrect shotgun.

Saiga 12



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