ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to say that we are now Grizzly Target Dealers!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to say that we are now Grizzly Target Dealers!

After doing quite a bit of research online we funneled down to GrizzlyTargets because of how they design their targets. Their functionality, replacement of components, and quality of construction were amongst my deciding factors. Since the IPSC targets are the most desired steels to be used on the range I am going to use it as our basis of comparison of other companies.


create, burn, galvanize and manufacture steel targets right here in Tampa, Florida. We create the toughest, most durable targets on the market. By purchasing from us, you are helping manufacturing in America.  100% of our targets and assembly are made here in the USA. All targets are made from AR500 steel, are laser cut, and are fully galvanized.


Grizzly Targets Laser cuts their AR500 which produces a more chip resistent edge. When you have plasma cut targets the heat will temper the edge make it more prone to chipping with those shots that go astray. As with any AR500 target, avoid using steel core ammunition as well as making sure your target isn’t somewhere someone who does not know the rules can’t try taking pop shots at your target.

The design of the target hanger in it’s simplicity makes their steels reliable, the plates easily replaceable and affordable. There are 2 Grade 8 bolts that secure the plate to the hanger. Since it’s a round headed bolt the shots that hit the bolt will displace away. But if they need to be replaced, head over to a local hardware store.

When steel targets start pitting and getting deep divots, the splatter will become unpredictable and can possibly splatter towards the shooter. Thanks to the design of their hanger you can unbolt the plate and reverse it to have a fresh new side to shoot!


I Can go on… But then I will have nothing to write about in the review post!


I will leave you with this teaser pic for now…





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