Breaking & Fixing the Hornady Lock N Load AP

Breaking & Fixing the Hornady Lock N Load AP

I figured I have successfully broken and fixed the press enough times I should share the tips I have come up with along the way.


The first thing I have broken like many other reloaders is one of the two indexing awls at the bottom of the press. This occurs commonly while inserting a primer in a case that still has a primer crimp inserted and the user then pushes on the lever too hard and snaps the awl. (the picture shows both awls intact)

To avoid simply pay close attention to your brass and make sure no crimped brass makes it past you. The indexing awls are what advance the shell plate to each station on the press. If one of them breaks that is why the press will only advance half way. I called up hornady’s customer care phone line (1-800-338-3220) and told them about my shell plate not advancing with each stroke and they were kind enough to send me a new awl to replace the broken one.
Also, be sure to keep your awls properly lubed.



Breaking off the wheel for the primer slide assembly. This occurs when you get something stuck under the primer seater and it locks in the “UP” position and that prevents the slide from sliding rearward and the wheel then breaks off.



It’s also good to sand all the sharp edges of the primer slider tray with some sandpaper to smooth it out. Then I used Froglube paste to keep her running smooth while actuating. I removed the primer fill tube so you can see how the tray moves. (the bar was not secured while I was snapping the photos, normally the bar does not move)



The case activated powder drop is a sleeved tube that slides up and down. Be sure to keep this lubricated. Of course with caution if you use the¬†aerosol¬†sprays such as Hornady’s One Shot lube spray so it does not collect at the bottom. As you can imagine I did use FrogLube Paste for this as well.


Underneath the shellplate there are dimples for the shellplates bearings to stop in for each position. If you ever miss a primer and fill the case with powder you will end up with powder everywhere. The dimples fill up with powder. Use a paperclip or a sharp knife tip and a Q-tip to clear out all the accumulated junk from under the shellplate. I try to do a cleanup on the press every thousand rounds or so to try to keep things running smooth.


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