Chamber Flags, Saf-T-Round and Saf-T Ejectable

Chamber Flags, Saf-T-Round and Saf-T Ejectable

For a recent Practical Rifle event we took part in the range required Chamber Flags to indicate that a firearm was clear. We ordered up two different units to evaluate. We wanted to see if there was any difference in real world usage that would validated the 4x cost of the ejectable flag vs the standard flag. Chamber flags are not magical devices that instantly makes your firearm safe, nothing replaces common sense as the largest role in safety. A Chamber Flag is simply a device that lets everyone around you see at a glance that your gun is clear – it’s like the difference between seeing a white car in your rear view mirror, and a white car with flashing lights; it gets your attention.

 Both units had a lanyard hole at the end of the flag so you could connect it to your rifle to prevent loss. When the flags are attached as such I have to give it to the ejectable round for convenience rather than locking back the bolt and then manually pulling the flag.

At the event we attended, the RSO was in charge of removing and inserting the flag for you so I was unable to test the ejectable flag in the field.

Ejectable Safety flag is pictured below

Here you can see the difference or lack thereof. At this point a flag is a flag!

Regardless of the difference between the two units I had an easier time loading these chamber flags into my rifle vs those who came unprepared and had to use a piece of bright weed wacker string.

I will do another field test and video with the ejectable round tethered to my rifle when i’m at the range next.



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