DIY Brass Shaving Collector for WFT Trimmer

DIY Brass Shaving Collector for WFT Trimmer

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the WFT stands for the “Worlds Finest Trimmer”.


Here you can see all the shavings from the batch I did. The DIY shaving collector performed fantastically in preventing from my work area getting covered in brass slivers.

I took a empty soda bottle and chopped off the top and bottom of the bottle large enough so the trimmer could spin freely and go around the drills chuck without interfering with anything.

 I cut in some vents on the bottom for the shavings to fall thru. As the trimmer, well… trims the shavings go spinning and flying in all directions. By having this DIY shaving collector, it allows the brass to collect in the bottle and then you can shake the shavings thru the vent on the bottom easily dumping them out.


After trimming the case you will have chamfer and deburr the case mouth. I did that batch pictured above with the Hornady chamfer and deburr tool. Shortly after therapy for my claw cramped hand from holding the tool I ordered up the powered Hornady Case prep Trio.


The cost of the the WFT makes it affordable enough so anyone can easily trim their cases at home, but for those of us who process quite a bit of brass it’s essential to have a powered chamfer and deburr tool.


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