DIY PVC Portable Target Stands

DIY PVC Portable Target Stands

    Recently, we have been expanding our training exercises by introducing dynamic shooting drills.  But we found ourselves being limited by the static target stands at our range.  They do not allow us to position targets at varying widths or distances.  We needed a better solution.

Say hello to my wonderful friend: PVC!  Yes, it could have lived its life out as plumbing for a sink or a saltwater fish tank.  But instead, it is serving a greater purpose, holding our would be attackers.

These stands are great, because they can be assembled and dissasembled easily, allowing us to throw them into the back of the SUV.  Additionally, we can make use of a variety of targets.  You can place a silhouette cardboard cutout or a piece of cardboard from your recyclables, and then staple a target of your choice, in your desired shot placement area.


  • Measuring Tape
  • Cutting device, HackSaw or Miter Saw
  • Sharpie or other marking device to mark your cuts.
  • Eye goggles! an eye injury from cutting PVC does not help you pick up the ladies.
  • PVC Primer and Glue (If desired, we did not use to maintain portability and break down)
  • 1 piece of 10ft 1.5 inch PVC Pipe
  • 2 pieces of 1.5 inch PVC Tee
  • 2 pieces of 90 degree PVC Elbow
  • 2 pieces of 1″ wood, length is your call depending on what height you wish to make your targets and what will fit in your car.


Cut your PVC pipe into 16″ sections. We chose 16″ so the width of the unit was appropriate for silhouette targets. Also by making them equal it wont matter which piece you use where. Also keep in mind precision is not the end all in this project.



For this project you can use a hacksaw.  But a table top miter saw it will make your life quite a bit easier.  You’ll have less build time and no sore arms.



Put the pieces together like the following photo. If you sucked at legos as a kid feel free to consult a neighbor or friend. Not us, we may make fun of you.

All Done!


Badly Written By Rick, Edited and made coherent by Andy



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  1. Great write up! I just build four myself! I added PVC end caps and cut the wood at 5′ long, I felt that 4′ would be a little to short for me. Now what to do with the 3′ wood pieces I have left over….

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