Elzetta AVS is Polar Vortex Proof

Elzetta AVS is Polar Vortex Proof

So I love the durability of my Elzetta and carried it with me daily, but I carried it with great fear of losing it. It is a pricey EDC (every day carry) but I wanted something I could rely on without question. I reached out to Elzetta after hearing about their latest compliment to their lineup (a removable belt clip) to offer my feedback as well as eliminating my fear of loss. I sent him an email to show how I was currently carrying and what was causing me to be concerned after having it disappear on me into the realm of, under-car-seat.


Of course, I jinxed myself.
While checking out a field near a church I had the light slip out without me realizing it. At that point I think there was around 8-9″ of snow and a temp close to zero which encouraged me to haul ass back to the car.
The next day while I was getting ready in the morning I realized that my light was missing. I checked all over the house with no success. I headed to my previous day’s stops hoping that she was in the parking lot from slipping out of my pocket. No luck of course.
Then the fear of some kid finding his lucky prize of a near $200 flashlight started creeping in. I waited for a warmer day but of course Illinois only delivered more snow and colder weather bottoming out at -15. We received another polar vortex which did not contribute to my confidence in the possibility of finding my flashlight. I went as far as having my phone GPS my coordinates while tracing over my initial tracks in hopes of figuring out where it possibly fell when the snow melted.

Chicago, being what it is. Warmed up to 50 degrees during the day while reports of another 5″+ on it’s way to us that night. My wife suggested that I head out and take a look while I could.

I followed my prints till I saw something that did not fit in with the grass.

I ran over, grabbed it and clicked it on.


Good to go!


Some dirt did get on it, but i’m sure it can handle it.

I’ve demoted the Elzetta from EDC status to GloveBox use. It’s too pricey to go disappearing into a field again.