Elzetta ZROC and ZFL-M60 Flashlight

Elzetta ZROC and ZFL-M60 Flashlight

ZFL-M60 is Elzettas USA manufactured line of Tactical flashlights. Elzetta manufactures different crowns and tails to allow you to buy a flashlight to fit your needs. The Model number for the light in this article is ZFL-M60-CF2A. The C represents their crenellated strike bezel. The F is for their Flood light LED (rather than beam). 2 is for the 2 cell body and the A is for the 5″ tape switch tail cap.

Since this is going to be on my SHTF rifle I picked up Elzetta’s ZROC flashlight mount.

The cotter pins and plastic adapters are for use with other flashlights. The flashlight came with two rubber O rings that slip into the grooves on the body for mounting into the holder.

I am very impressed with the construction quality of the flashlight and from all the endurance trials that other folks have pushed on these lights I have no fear of damaging it. At one point I bumped it off my table and my only fear was the possible damage to the floor.

With the 2 cell body I can get a good grip on it and feel confident in its use in a defensive situation.

For a home defense firearm I would like to try the strobe tail because the 235 Lumen Makrov LED leaves you seeing spots from a fraction of a second exposure. Properly used this can give you the upper hand in a bad situation.

Look forward to us carrying them shortly!

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