If you are Looking to transfer a firearm to us, Email us to setup an appointment.

You can supply your seller with our FFL here.

We charge $25 for the first firearm and $5 for each additional firearm received in the same shipment to a single recipient. Recipient must have a current FOID card and be a resident of IL. If you wish to buy a firearm from us and have residency in a different state you must have the firearm transferred to an FFL in your home state.

If you are picking up multiple handguns, each handgun is $20  because we will have to fill out a “multiple handgun disposition” for your purchase. ” …person acquired two or more pistols or revolvers or any combination of pistols or revolvers totaling two or more at one time or during five consecutive business days”


If you are sending us a firearm, here is a checklist to include in the shipment. If you are using chrome you have to right click on the link below to Save the PDF to your computer and reopen it with Acrobat. Google is working on a solution for this issue. FST-FFLTransferFillableForm2

Due to the child safety protection act you must have a handgun lock at time of pickup to take the handgun, most pistols come with one from the factory. Just be sure that yours does.

Receivers are neither pistols or rifles so they are counted as “Other firearms” which then fall into the 72 hr waiting period.

The name of the customer that we are receiving the firearm for, is the person who must fill out the 4473. So if you are giving someone a gift, you can pay for it. But it has to be sent to their name for pickup to be compliant with transfer rules to avoid straw purchases.

Pickup Process

  • 1. Firearm gets sent to us
  • 2. When we receive it, you then come in to fill out a Form 4473 (don’t forget your FOID! and payment for transfer) (You can also fill out a 4473 ahead of time at our location, it is only valid for 30 days and has to have what the firearm is, and quantity. Cannot modify the form after it’s been signed)
  • 3. The waiting period begins (law states it begins at the time that the purchase agreement is made, ) (I will need to retain the copy of the invoice that ships with the firearm as proof of when you agreed/made your purchase)
  • 4. After the waiting period has passed, (24 hours for rifle, 72 hours for handgun or a receiver) return for pickup. Don’t forget to bring your FOID again.


If we are sending YOU a firearm

Send us an email with the following:

Copy of the FFL from the dealer we are sending the firearm to.

The name of the recipient of the firearm (the new owner)

Description of the firearm we are sending you.


We now have our FFL and are established with the following companies. If they are not on the list you can have them email us and we can send them a copy or you can provide them the link to our FFL above.


Aero Precision
Alexander Arms
Daniel Defense
Grab a Gun
Interstate Arms
Mega Arms
Palmetto State Armory
Primary Arms
Quentin Defense
Rainier Arms
Rock River Arms
Seekins Precision
Spikes Tactical
Stone Firearms
Umbrella Corporate