FortisArms New Gas Block

FortisArms New Gas Block

So, like most of you. I’ve been waiting for the something to make my life whole, to fill that empty void that’s normally filled with sadness…
I finally filled something to fill that hole that can also maintain my gas expulsion. No, i’m not speaking about BBQ or a magical burrito, but instead Fortis MFG’s newest product to their line. The Fortis Low Profile Gas Block. We grabbed the standard version which has two set screws on bottom for securing the gas block to your barrel.




fortis-3508 fortis-3512

Bottom view, these are the holes for the set screws to secure the gas block.


It’s not going to make you become an Uber-TacDriving-supermanBatman-Ninja-Operator… But it is going to look pretty bad ass if your handguard has openings around the port area so other firearm enthusiast can take notice to how awesome it looks. I’ve got this one slated to a build that should be getting wrapped up in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!




(From their website)

“Fortis low profile gas block is designed to work in conjunction with today’s match grade barrels.  Don’t want to mar your barrel installing the gas block?  Neigther do we!  So rock this new gas block and put those concerns to bed.  The Fortis LP gas block is designed for .750 gas seats and attaches to the barrel with two set screws.  The gas block comes with a roll pin as well as two set screws.”


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