Founder of Illinois Firearm Owners, BWHaas

Founder of Illinois Firearm Owners, BWHaas

Alright guys (and gals), this is going to be a fairly long article, but I ask that all of you do take the time to read it.




Like some of your know, I am originally from the Mid-Michigan area, where it is more common to see people open carrying handguns and most everyone you come across is happy to discuss the firearms they own with you.  When I moved to Illinois for business, I was worried about the firearm ownership culture here.  As I have found out over the last few years, there are more people here than anyone outside of Illinois would expect to be Pro-2A.  I was very pleased when I was introduced to this group by Rick Cancino and I have met several of you throughout the last 6 months or so that I’ve been here.  I have to say, every day I am glad to read the words and thoughts posted here and on the FB page.  I have “friended” most of you here on FB and for those of you I haven’t, it’s only because I didn’t feel that it was appropriate yet for me to do so as I think there is a lack of human interaction on Facebook before people allow them into their personal lives.


When I was living in Michigan, I was a part of several committees with the Michigan Gun Owners Non-Profit Organization and really enjoyed the camaraderie that was created there and the dialogue that became the reference material that I studied as a beginner to firearms ownership.  I met many people through that organization and still am involved as much as I can be from a 300+ miles away.  Although this Facebook group creates this to a point, there is another way that it can be created that allows an even larger network of like-minded individuals to access it.  I would like to create such an atmosphere here in Illinois.  I started a Non-profit organization here in Illinois called the Illinois Firearm Owners Organization and I invite all of you to join and participate in spreading the word about our organization and our Forum (  Like our Facebook page here too ( Here, I would like to compile experience, knowledge and most of all a network of like-minded individuals.


The overall vision for IFO is to establish a grass roots effort to bring together the entire spectrum of firearm owners in Illinois and to be THE organization that generates awareness and exposure of the safe, law abiding firearms owners of Illinois.  From beginners to trainers and LEO, we all share one common bond and yet, there is no public place that new members from all backgrounds can introduce themselves to and be comfortable they are with like-minded individuals.  Couple that idea with the opportunity to create a massive amount of reference content that any member can tap into at any time and you have the building blocks of IFO.  IFO can fill these voids and compliment “the marksmen” by helping to solidify firearms ownership awareness in the mainstream instead of the minority in Illinois.  I cannot accomplish this on my own and to achieve these goals, I will need help.   If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in helping me out, let me know.