FrogLube CLP… The Rust Slayer.

FrogLube CLP… The Rust Slayer.

I switched from CLP to FrogLube simply based on performance. It was a slow transition. At first I only used FrogLube on my Pistols then on my Carbines. Finally on my target rifles. Please do not mistake this post as FrogLube does it all including the miracle elixir that Qín Shǐ Huáng Dì obsessed over. It is however, the best of its class and given its ability to prolong your firearms life, Qín Shǐ Huáng Dì would of conquered thousands if he thought it could do the same for him…Uh OK he did, but he did not find the people version of FrogLube.

FrogLube is simply a new bio-based cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product. Made for weapons, and more… It was develpoed by Navy Seals and is 100% American Made

I’ve read a post on and thought wow. I got a new rifle that never had an initial coating of CLP. For the record I’m very disappointed with the finish of this Remington 700 Rifle as it was new only fired a couple times and kept in a gun case. Still the finish rusted rather quickly. Obviously not mil spec. I could understand if it was kept in the trunk of a car throughout the year, but it was kept in the case in a gunsafe….Yes dessecants are now standard in all my gun cases.


Here is the minor to moderate corrosion. This type of rust was all over the rifle.

Only 0000 Steel Wool and FrogLube were used.

The rifle was seperated from the stock and left in the hot sun. Once heated The Froglube was liberally used to coat the entire surface and allowed to settle in for about 1/2 hour. 0000 steel wool was then used in a light rubbing fashon until the rust was gone. The surfaces were then wiped clean and the Rifle assembled.

Just like new.

This has sold me. Other benefits of Frog Lube are:

-Non Toxic 100% Organic


-Will not harm plastic or rubber

-Can be left on indefinitely

-Improved accuracy and a 3-12% velocity increase has been documented on gun barrels treated with Frog Lube.

-Under dire circumstances Frog Lube can be used as a dip for dog biscuits… Note: Most of our staff have not tried this…

Caution: Make sure your gun is unloaded. Frog Lube melts on heated surfaces as it was designed to do. If you cannot leave your gun in the hot sun use a hair dryer to heat the surface…Do Not Put A Loaded Gun Into The Oven…

Yes we have to say it as there is a reason there are Darwin Awards….







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