Grizzly Targets New Single Dueling Plate

Grizzly Targets New Single Dueling Plate

It’s single, and ready to mingle. Standard dueling trees have an array of plates for you to plink on and challenge friends to competitions. With Grizzly targets new dueling plate design, they break away from having a conformed design you are stuck with.

You can place the dueling plates in any sort of range layout for different engagements to challenge, and hone your skills. The biggest advantage I feel to this design is WEIGHT!

By having individual plates you don’t have a dueling tree that easily weighs over 100 pounds to lug around.

As with all their products the dueling plate is galvanized to protect against rust. The target weighs 7.2lbs is composed of 3/8″ AR500 and the plate is 5″ across.


On the back of the unit is a winged screw so you can secure the dueling plate to a 2×4. You can adjust the tension of the dueling plate via the lock nut on the bottom of the threaded bolt. Ensure that the spring assembly aims down and gets tucked behind the safety of your 2×4.
I love reactive target shooting because the shooters focus is on hearing that “Ping” and then working their hands and sight alignment to get that next “ping” to sound off. Yes, punching groups into a single hole on the paper is awesome for precision practice, no doubt. But I prefer a “combat accurate” target to develop your speed and fundamentals for defensive shooting and I feel this target will be an asset to a shooter’s training.


They have a variety of target stands you can purchase for ease of setup and takedown. Click Here to see their stand lineup.

I will be writing a follow up review and tension adjustment article once I get her to the range!