Hornady’s Powder cop die

Hornady’s Powder cop die

This is a tool for safety to help you identify if you have a cartridge that’s missed it’s charge (creates SQUIB round) (link to squib writeup) or if you double charged a cartridge.

It’s a simple concept, when you raise the ram on a multi step press the cartridge will lift to the powder cop die and if it’s filled with powder the little plunger inside the powder cop die will lift up and you can see the white “flag” (rubber washer) raise up.

This tool is not an, “open the box and throw it in your press” setup. You will have to adjust it to your setup and cartridge you are loading.

Now if there is no powder then the white flag does not raise up to identify a loaded cartridge.

If it becomes a double charge then the flag raises up twice as high.