How To Remove the Noveske STS Short Throw Selector

How To Remove the Noveske STS Short Throw Selector

So if for some reason you need to remove the Noveske STS, but fear scratching up your lower. You can use the following method I came up with to keep your lower safe.

Using a small flathead (the same you used to install the STS). Remove the threaded pin from the lever and put it to the side.


I have the Magpul MIAD pistol grip in the following photo but the baseplate is actually from the MOE grip.


Pop off the baseplate from the bottom of the grip.


I then used the tip of the baseplate as a pry bar to help leverage the STS lever off of the selector center. Since the baseplate is made of polymer it wont mar the finish.

The Noveske STS is a rebranded Magpul Short Throw Selector so this method will work for it as well. Hope this helps! I know pulling off that lever from the center is difficult since you pressed it on tight.




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