I Survived IL’s First day with Concealed Carry Licensees

I Survived IL’s First day with Concealed Carry Licensees

I don’t know how I survived the first day.

I have had the Illinois Anti-Gun Regime telling me that if concealed carry was to pass in IL, there would be blood in the streets. No one would be safe and we would revert to some form of a “wild wild west”. I am a husband to my wife and a father to my child. So I take my survival and capabilities to defend them quite seriously. Thankfully, growing up taking cues from Star Trek’s Vulcan society, I believed that logic should prevail over emotion. And thanks to those smarter than me who compiled the statistics; it continues to be conclusive that crime is significantly decreased in areas where there are more legal firearm owners.

I learn from anything, anyone and everything I can. Good examples and bad examples alike. Whether it’s the story of the guy who failed to keep his spare tire in case of a flat, or a friend who always keeps 20 dollars stashed in her car for gas in case her purse was left behind. Both situations can easily occur in our daily lives but how we prepare for them determines their possible outcomes. I live in the western ‘burbs, which is not known to be as dangerous of an area as what is commonly referred to as, “Chi-Raq”.  Now that statement for some folks is where complacency and arrogance can take hold. The belief that criminals will not travel, or that violent offenders do not live in the same town is a dangerous fallacy which usually sets the tone for every news story to shock a ‘nice’ town’s populace into fear.
Because I made the decision that I do not want to be the person in that story that everyone pities and wishes that some magical thing had been done to prevent it, I applied for my IL Concealed Carry License (CCL).
After a couple of months of waiting I was in the first batch of Illinois’ans to receive their ID.


The following photos represent my first day carrying.
Drove my car, just like normal.

Went to USPS,
And respected the rules.

Then I went and got some cabbage, onions and cilantro. 


No blood on the streets. No mayhem. No horses eating each other, no one speaking in devil tongues, Life went on. Now the only difference is that I can do my best to ensure survival for my family by carrying a tool I have been trained to use for that worst possible situation.