Inlinefabrication’s Roller Press Handle Initial Review

Inlinefabrication’s Roller Press Handle Initial Review

After pressing a few thousand rounds you develop this near yoga bending forward and backwards while pressing each round.

Enter in.’s Ergo Lever! This lever is specially designed with bends in it to minimize the amount of movement you are using for each press.

Not only does the owner make some fantastic levers but he also created an arm that holds two bins for your bullets/pills and brass so you can easily grab them while pressing. He dubbed it, the Double bullet tray system (a single is also available)
He also stocks larger trays which are great for when you are pressing rifle rounds so they don’t flip out of the  smaller size tray that came with your press originally.

The other nice new product he has is the Lock N Load Bushing trays that can mount to your wall so you can easily store all your dies.

 He packed up everything safely so nothing was scratched during shipping.

To install the roller grip onto the Ergo Lever you will need to use a 5/32 allen wrench. Because obviously if you try to spin the grip onto the lever, …you’re spinning on a bearing.

The Easiest way to mount the lever to your press you should grab the bottom of the press with your left and push down (raising the ram) so then you can spin the ergo lever onto your press. Then tighten down the nut to keep the lever nice and secure and you are good to press.

Now that she is installed it’s time to put everything to work! Keep your eyes peeled for my next article reviewing practical application of all these new components.


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