John K’s Custom DiamondHead Upper

John K’s Custom DiamondHead Upper

I figure moving forward we need to share our custom projects on here so folks can see them and get ideas on what they might want for their build.


Johns Build was based on a Light Weight design for him to rock at practical rifle events.


  • Vltor MUR Upper
  • Rainier Arms Raptor Charging Handle
  • Daniel Defense Light Weight 16″ barrel
  • DDefense low profile gas block
  • DiamondHead USA 13.5″ handguard


Enough chit chat, onto the pics!

3lb 8oz
No BCG in it at this point.

We tossed her on a Noveske lower to get an idea of weight and she clocked in at 6.2lb

(sorry for the junk camera phone pics some distortion on the second pic)



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