Keeping it in your pants, With IWB Rubber Loops for Holster

Keeping it in your pants, With IWB Rubber Loops for Holster

Rubber loops offer you the advantage of flexibility with your holster vs other plastic loops that are rigid. They also offer up additional customization to tailor it to your usage.

I installed the button screw in the third position on the belt loop in the following photo. This brought the holster down in contrast to the belt because the loop is smaller. Take note that the smaller the loop, the harder it’s going to be to button due to the buttons retention design.
On the inside of the female button there is a flat edge that needs to go on first at an angle and then pushing it the rest of the way on and removing it in reverse order.


Here you can see the rubber loops installed on the holster at the furthest point on the loop for larger belts.


I had difficulties sliding the rubber loops thru the webbing until I bent the belt in the opposite direction to open up the webbing.


Starting to feed the rubber loop thru the webbing.


Holster in place with the rubber loops indexing them on the belt. This will keep the holster in place on your body and help with consistency of your draw. To make things easier, set up your holster in your pants with your pants off. For me, the loops in the PALS webbing are more of an all day affair as removing the holster and putting it back requires me to take off my pants. Tho I am always looking for an excuse to, it gets awkward at firearm check ins.


The rubber loops will also allow you to adjust the cant of the holster a bit. I liked the rubber loops more than the ADP loops because it allows you to “push” the holster against your pants since they are flexible and thinner. The ADPs are rigid polymer and will not be as accommodating. Additional pics and comments to follow up after some dedicated range time! Holster
HK45c FDE pistol
Ares Enhanced Ranger PALs Belt.



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