Lonely Raven’s Blog – Introduction

Lonely Raven’s Blog – Introduction

First off, let me explain something about Firespeed Tactical. We aren’t out to be the one stop shop, aka the “Walmart” of everything tactical, nor the “big box” store of tactical toys and tools. The fact is, this is supposed to be fun, and it’s supposed to be about sharing our discoveries with you and making them available for you to pickup yourself. That’s it. Fun, and sharing – you can’t get more K.I.S.S. then that.

In that thread, I’ve been asked to write; to share our experiences with you. We will review products and tell you what’s fun and what’s not, and to break stuff and tell if it was worth it…all in order to both entertain and educate you without you having to find out the expensive way which products suck (and we all know, many products don’t live up to the hype). So we hope to show you oddball stuff that looks neat, that you’ve never seen before, or nobody has a review on…and we beat the snot out of it!

I’ve also been given the leeway to write pretty much whatever the hell I feel like. Clearly, I’m not a professional writer…hell, I’m not even a good writer. But I am a good story teller (completely different thing if you really think about it), and I carry a deep passion to share these experiences with you. So this blog won’t be a plodding bla bla bla, tactical this – tactical that; I hope instead it will be anything that pops into my head, that I thought was interesting, and I think you might find interesting as well. And I stress *anything*. So don’t be surprised if I review a new 700 Lumen flashlight then rant about public bathroom etiquette in the same day.

Lastly, in the theme of sharing, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to tell me your experiences with a product, to point me to a related article or oddball product that you’d like to see us beat up…er, I mean review. And don’t hold back if you see a mistake or something you feel is blatant bullshit – I’d rather be corrected then be wrong, and I’m man enough to have an open mind and adjust my thinking. So really, we’d love to hear from you – drop me a few electrons at the E-mail below.






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