Lyman Revolution Gun Vise

Lyman Revolution Gun Vise

I started looking into the Lyman Revolution gun vise after getting tired of having to redo my vise to get access to the opposing side of the firearm I was working on at the time.

The unit is light and easy to store. I like how I can work on a variety of firearms by loosening the clamps on the rails and sliding the the stock or forarm grip to fit whatever firearm appropriately.




When using the vise for my ARs I tried to pivot open to clean and get access all the internals and was having a tricky time. I then separated the upper from the lower and it made my life a LOT easier. I could get access to the inside of the upper and clean out all the carbon and other build up.


Here you can see a video of me unboxing the unit for the first time.

I am VERY pleased with my purchase as it saves me the time to unclamp and re clamp the firearm as I am working on each side. I wish the plastic was thicker or made out of metal for more durability but that would increase cost four fold easily. For the price you cannot get a better bang for your buck.