Magpul’s New XTM Enhanced Rail Covers (Comparison Review)

Magpul’s New XTM Enhanced Rail Covers (Comparison Review)

So, im a fat kid. I know all about having my cake and eating it too, and yours too.

The New Magpul XTM Enhanced Rail covers made a world of a difference for my usage with a few “minor” improvements. I put quite a bit of work into my OD Rifle build and then I had to use Zip ties to keep my Elzetta tape switch line close to the rail. Not too happy about that after all that work. The new Enhanced Rail covers feature a texture for better grip and on the edges they have hooks that you can press your tape switch line into for wire routing. Currently they only have Black on the market and once things return to normal production they will begin producing these covers in all the other colors.

Time for some pics! The FDE unit is the standard XTM cover, and the Black unit is their new Enhanced Cover.

The Enhanced XTMs have a groove for you to slide the magpul dummy round into.

Whereas the original only has a place for you to place, “just the tip”.

I wanted to see if I could mix the new cover with the old cover only to find that they changed the legs.

Enhanced’s width

So this also causes the legs to be displaced from their female counterparts.

Here you can see where the tape switch line can be installed.

The improvements are awesome, not enough for me to throw off my old ones to get them replaced. But all new builds will definitely utilize the new covers as the different colors become available.


Keep up the good work Magpul, and keep kicking butt of those uninformed CO politicians!



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