Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger

So before hitting the trails, hitting the coffee shop or whatever perioulous task you have ahead of yourself you need to be concerned with logistics of your gear first and foremost. Having the right travelling system depends on your needs for convenient access, comfort padding and most important the amount of storage.

I have always been a fan of single over the shoulder bags for quick access to whatever I needed. I became a fan of this for my photography gear bags and wanted a bag to fit the bill for travelling and day to day use. The Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger caught my attention right away with their reputation for building solid bags with strong zippers and durable material. We went with the color scheme “khaki foliage” for the bag.

Instead of hitting the trails to test out this one I figured the next most periolous task would have to do. A family cruise to the southern Caribbean. The duties I needed the bag to fill would be quick access to mportant documents, Safe storage of financials. Walkie access, Camera, laptop, power cord, 200ft paracord, 2 water bottles, energy bars, antibacterial, diapers, wipes, bottles and most important, Animal crackers.

The Monsoon carried all that and then some. I also strapped on two of those huge beach towels for me and the wife and it did it comfortably.

One of the features I love about this bag is that you can pick it up on with a full load and not fear anything ripping or tearing like cheaper manufactured bags. That caution is replaced with confidence and easy to grab handle placed at the top of the bag that allows you to grab the bag and toss it into a tiny Mexican taxi with ease.

As I write the article I think back to how I tossed the bag around without worry to the material snagging on anything and coming apart and I realize that the biggest complaint I normally had with bags is that I would COOK under the bag! I admit to my inability to tolerate high heat conditions but I am proud that I never had any issue of this bag cooking me. It has 3 pads conveniently placed to keep you cushioned but also allow air travel in between each pad prevent the “blanket” effect that one piece backs can cause.

The Only major issue I could find with this bag is that the back zipper for access to the rear compartment where you can keep a folder with all your documents or a CCW is on the wrong side for sliding your pack around to your front side. I needed to either use the quick release to drop the back or have my partner grab the docs while I continued to wear the bag.


If I could have my way and then some I would also add another small bungie pouch on the inside of the main compartment on the front flap for better organization of loose components.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and am happy to recommend it to any of you!

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