OVERVIEW: Fortis ‘Hammer’ Charging Handle Vs Rainier Arm’s Raptor

OVERVIEW: Fortis ‘Hammer’ Charging Handle Vs Rainier Arm’s Raptor

“Drop the hammer” sounds quite a bit cooler than, “pull back on the op rod” (Walking Dead), so how could I resist taking a look at Fortis’s new charging handle.
Fortis uses their Nickelene finish on the charging handle to increase lubricity during use. They engineered the design to transfer energy thru the release lever into the handle compared to traditional design. Mil Spec handles have a failure point if you put strain on the the release lever while Pinch-charging. There is a potential of breaking the roll pin while using the pinch-charge method. The Claw method of charging is inefficient use of your muscles and is an un-natural form. By allowing the transfer of energy thru the release lever into the handle allows you to make the most of pinch-charging without the fear of damaging your handle.


Fortis Hammer next to the Rainier Raptor


Back end view





Manufacturer’s information:

The new Fortis Hammer™ charging handle stays true to our brand.  We engineer, design, & develop military grade accessories that look good and functions great.  Tested and evaluated by the 3 Gun community, then put to the test by people in the military and law enforcement community.  We continuously refined our design and came up with the Hammer™.  So charge your rifle by dropping the Hammer™ and go!

Introducing our unique finish called Nickelene™.  The slick finish is smooth and gives the already durable charging handle, a lubricity not found on another other charging handles in the market today.

  • Machined from 7075 T6 Billet aluminum
  • The robust design as well as aggressive serrations on the latch and body support use with either shooting gloves or without
  • Redesigned the back stop for the latch, so stress is taken off the roll pin
  • Finished in Nickelene™: Rockwell hardness – 45C, low co-efficient of friction, excellent lubricity characteristics


You can purchase the hammer from Fortis MFG’s website.