OVERVIEW: Fortis Shift AFG vs Magpul AFG2 vs Stark SE-5 Express Grip Comparison

OVERVIEW: Fortis Shift AFG vs Magpul AFG2 vs Stark SE-5 Express Grip Comparison

Each grip has enough different attributes to require us to look at each individually and take each ones merits into play. The Stark is a rubberized forward grip that is the largest out of the three we have on display. The Magpul AFG-2 is made from Magpul’s propietary polymer recipe with durability they are known for. The Fortis Shift is manufactured from Billet aluminum and anodized in hard coat III. Each is unique in material and design. The Magpul AFG-2 allows you to remove the middle finger groove if you prefer a flat surface to grab. Magpul also makes an AFG1 which is the larger of Magpul’s two angled grips (not pictured). The AFG-2 is smaller to prevent interference with other rail mounted devices.

Stark SE-5 Express Grip    Magpul AFG-2 Fortis Shift AFGFortisAFG-5002

I couldn’t help myself and had to order one of their new PVC patches, love the detail of the red thread in the patch.

Since grip, hands and placement are unique to each shooter this article is just information for your benefit and conclusions. 


Stark SE-5 Express Grip Weight: 3.2oz (unpublished, we weighed it)
Magpul AFG2 Weight: 2.53 oz.
Fortis Shift AFG Weight: 2.1 oz


An HDR Photo to see all the details of the different Grips

Fortis Shift Length: 3.52″
Magpul AFG-2 Length: 4.70″
Stark AE-5 Length: 3.89″ (unpublished, we measured)


Since the Shift is the newest AFG on the market I figured we should post some more photos of it for you folks 🙂








You can purchase the Fortis Shift AFG from Rainier Arms and from Fortis MFG’s Website
Here is a link to purchase the Magpul AFG2
Stark SE-5 Express Grip is also available from Rainier Arms