OVERVIEW: Magpul’s New 1911 Polymer Grips

OVERVIEW: Magpul’s New 1911 Polymer Grips

So nothing calls more for an upgrade more than there is something new in the product world!

Magpul has added AK accessories to their line up earlier this year (2013) and now to wrap up this year they have added new grip panels for 1911’s.
So when I read the release info about the grips when Magpul first announced them, I was excited to see such a large cutout for my stubby thumbs to be able to reach the magazine release.

Since my wife has smaller hands than me, she actually claimed her stake on these and I used her 1911-22. They are a slimmer profile so you can get a nice balanced crush grip on them as long as you have small to medium sized mitts. I am going to get one of my larged palmed friends to give me their input on them the next time we are at the range.

On the left grip panel you can see how they created a diamond structure design for integrity rather than just making them just a filled piece, this helps shave a bit of weight off of them.


I grabbed my micrometer to check the width of the panels compared to the ones that came with the 1911 originally


Original wood grips



Before Install


After install,






If you look closely at the grips, you can see the Magpul logo overlaid into eachother.


The grips are cut for ambi safeties


a nice clear path for your thumb to hit the mag release.







The magazine release cutout





Time to hit the range with them and do a followup post on how they perform while shooting.




Constructed of heavy-duty reinforced polymer, MOE 1911 Grip Panels have a unique diamond-shaped cross section to prevent twisting in the hand, aggressive magazine release cut-out, aggressive texture for positive control, and are compatible with ambidextrous safeties. The grips are designed to fit full size framed 1911s with standard grip screw bushings

Reinforced polymer construction
Unique diamond-shaped cross-section to prevent twisting in the hand
Aggressive magazine release cut-out
Compatible with ambidextrous safeties
Aggressive texture for positive control
Fits Full Size Frame 1911s and copies with standard grip screw bushings
Weight, total: 1.1 oz.



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