OVERVIEW: New Elzetta AVS, Now if only I was Brighter

OVERVIEW: New Elzetta AVS, Now if only I was Brighter

A couple months back Elzetta launched the newest product to their lineup, the AVS high output flashlight. The previous generation, ZFL-M60 2-cell generated 235 lumens out of the 2-cell and 3-cell bodies. The new AVS (Automatic Voltage Sensing) heads could tell whether they were installed on a 2 or 3-cell body. The 2-cell body will output 650 lumens and the 3-cell will output 900 lumens. Thanks to the design of Elzetta’s bodies and heads, they are interchangeable between the previous models and the new ones. They did not skip on the quality and ruggedness they are known for, so feel free to continue throwing them out of helicopters if that’s what floats your boat ( http://youtu.be/KIa96YjsRbY )



ZFL-M60 2-cell on the left and Charlie 3-Cell body on the right



You may not always be able to carry a knife or a firearm, but I have not come across any restrictions on flashlights. A Crenelated Bezel makes it an implement of defense an attacker wouldn’t welcome.


The Elzetta design allows you to use the previous generation body with the new AVS head. I have the 2 cell pictured on the left with the markrov head and the 3-Cell “Charlie” body on the right with the new AVS head.




Here you can see the new reflector size and optic


The new head is so much larger that the original head can fit within the new bezel.


The optic is of phenomenal quality and clarity made out of 7/8″ thick acrylic. There will be a new drop in Flood lens available from Elzetta for close range function.




Diode and reflector



Beautiful, quality machining. The AVS head is on the Charlie body and the previous gen Markrov is on the right on the ZFL-M60 2-cell.



Since the AVS head is larger it also weighed in a bit more too.
AVS on the Left, Makrov on the right.

Z_AVS z_Makrov


I also noticed they went with a different bin range for the AVS LEDs vs the Makrov based units. While the Makrovs were a blue white hue the AVS head is a warmer yellow. I will be doing a follow up article to compare the two and what binning in LEDs is.


High Output 900-Lumen 3-Cell Elzetta Charlie Flashlight with Crenellated Bezel Ring

With Automatic Voltage Sensing (AVS) Technology, new High Output Heads on 2-Cell Flashlight Bodies produce 650 lumens with runtimes of 1 hour 30 minutes* and produce 900 lumens with runtimes of 1 hour 45 minutes* on 3-Cell Bodies. Get this world-class performance whether you purchase a complete new High Output Flashlight or retrofit your existing Elzetta Flashlight with a New High Output Head (all Elzetta Flashlight components are interchangeable, interoperable, and available individually).

In addition to industry leading efficiency, new Elzetta High Output Flashlights are built, well, like an Elzetta; fully-potted electronics provide unmatched durability and field-replaceable solid-acrylic optical lenses shape warm, rich beams with outstanding throw, generous spill, and a “soft edge” that cannot be replicated by reflector-based flashlights. Like all Elzetta products, these new High Output Flashlights are Made in the USA and guaranteed forever.

You can order yours from:

And From Rainier Arms



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