OVERVIEW: OTGHex.com Off The Grid Holster and Magazine Carriers

OVERVIEW: OTGHex.com Off The Grid Holster and Magazine Carriers



After an anxious 4 weeks of waiting I was handed a beautiful box from USPS with a lovely sticker on the side giving me a raging clue as to what had arrived…


I couldn’t help my self and ordered up some swag/goodies along with my mag pouches and holster. Here is the everything dumped out of the box. Thankfully everything was packed up safe and sound for shipping.


Goodies un-bagged!


You can see the two extra types of belt loops ordered, rubber IWB Belt loops, ADR/Incog Belt loops. The holster came with OWB loops installed.


In the above the photo you can see that the ASP (Adaptable Speed Pouch) is not a triple but instead, a dual mag carrier and a single mag carrier. I then opted to buy a side by side connector from OTG to link them together which is made from kydex and uses the same screws as the rest of the belt loops.


The Rubber belt loops come with the male side of the “button” and a screw. You will have to use one of the already mounted nuts to tighten the Rubber loop assembly together. I also wanted to make mention that the rubber loop male button actually uses a longer screw than the other loops.

TIP: The inside of the Top (female) button there is a flat side. Place the flat side on the Male Button first and then lever the button on completely. Do the reverse  to remove the button.


I ordered a 10 degree cant for my holster since I prefer the 4 oclock position on my body. I asked OTG what folks were typically ordering and the 0 and 10 degree cant were the most common cants. It’s suggested that the further past 3 oclock position you carry, the more cant you add.

I also asked OTG about the thickness of kydex they use for their holsters and why. Rob from OTG informed me that their standard thickness is .08 because it provided the best balance between speed of draw and durability. Thinner Kydex allows for a faster smoother draw but was not as durable compared to a thicker Kydex.



It’s time to talk about those bad ass cuts on the black kydex that allows the Orange to peak thru. Those are the Hex cuts you can opt for that can make your draw anywhere from 0-25%  faster!* (individual results will vary)(0% in all cases tested). Now I bet you’re wondering if that speed increase is in metric or standard. Well it’s first one, and then the other.




The Mustache of a Pace Clip! “The PACE Clip was designed as a joint venture Between OTG and PACE Tactical to facilate one hand weapons manipulations” -OTGHex
This way you can catch your rear sight on the removable pace clip instead of chewing up the outside edge of your holster. If you need to get a replacement pace clip you will have to send in your holster to OTG so they can make you a new one since each PACE clip is custom to the holster.






Yes, my gun was so excited to slide into the holster, it Froglubed itself… For helping break in the holster I thru on some Froglube fluid to help with where the pistol was catching inside of the holster and make it easier while smoothing it out.

I’m loving my new setup and will followup to this article after some range time and carry.


Visit Off The Grid’s Facebook Here:  https://www.facebook.com/OffTheGridConcepts?fref=ts

And their Website Here: http://www.otghex.com


Pistol in photos: HK 45c Limited Edition FDE

*Clause to make sure the sue happy people realize that the hex cuts do not increase speed.



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