Primary Arms Micro Dot w/ removable base and Seekins Riser Mount

Primary Arms Micro Dot w/ removable base and Seekins Riser Mount

So in pursuit of having the lightest weight build for Eva, I wanted to try a micro optic.

Primary Arms has been on the affordable side of optics with high ratings from forum members and customer service that is second to NONE.

I placed my order and the next morning I received an email stating that my order was being shipped. A few hours later I received my tracking number. Two days later I had the New MD-08 Red dot and Seekin’s made Co-Witness riser.

The MD-08 runs on a 2032 battery that is rated to run for 1000HRs. It’s a 3moa Dot which is a compromise between typical manufacturers 2 or 4Moa dots (such as Aimpoint). And the best part about it?
Weight is a mere 4.5oz


So the MD-08 Weighs in at 4.5oz
Then lets add the Seekins Mount which weighs 1.7oz
Total for the Optic Setup is 6.2oz!

Compare that to the Aimpoint pro at 11.6oz


The Package includes a Rubber Bikini, Kill flash, 2032 battery already installed  and an Allen wrench to remove the screws for the mount.

As an upgrade you can purchase their Seekins manufactured Praimary Arms mount. I went with the Seekin’s mount because I loved the quality of the Seekins Lower this optic was going on and the attention Seekins pays to their products.



Here you can see the PA logo proudly engraved into the Riser.

Here you can see how the riser is vented

The Seekins Riser, It has a tab in the center as well as the two screws to align it on the picatinny rail.

The MD-08  has a removable base so you can mount the optic directly to the riser. I utilized the supplied allen wrench to remove the screws from the base.

TIP: hold the optic to the riser and then drop one screw into each hole, then use the allen wrench to get the screw vertical and lined up with the threading and then tighten the screws.

All done and mounted up!

I love how the vents in the Seekins Riser match up with the Diamondhead’s handguard.


Here you can see the size difference between the PA MD-08 and the Aimpoint Pro

Another Angle


Here’s a link to  purchase the Sight


I am very happy with its construction, features and price point and can easily see another unit topping my Saiga12.

Keep up the good work Marshall and PA Crew!





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