FireSpeed Basic Custom Lower Parts Kit

FireSpeed Basic Custom Lower Parts Kit



KNS Stainless Steel Safety detent

Armalite Safety Spring

2 Armalite pin detents

2 Armalite Detent Springs

Armalite Pivot Pin

Armalite Takedown Pin

Armalite Magazine Catch

Armalite Magazine Button

Armalite Magazine Spring

Armalite Bolt Catch

Armalite Bolt Catch plunger

Armalite Bolt Catch plunger Spring

Armalite Bolt Catch Roll Pin

Armalite Buffer Catch

Armalite Buffer Catch Spring



We omitted the trigger pins since the high end trigger kits include the pins in the package so why pay for them twice?

The why we selected components from different manufacturers was to get the best performing kit, (in our opinion of course 🙂 back off lawyers…)
An example would be the Armalite bolt catch. If you do not have a Magpul BAD Lever, this bolt catch having serrations all the way down its face allows you to push on the catch easier to lock the bolt back and clear  jams easier.

The KNS safety detent is Machined from Harden Stainless Steel and is designed to mate with the safety’s indents for a solid engagement.