RCBS Lube Die

RCBS Lube Die

So… I am one of those guys that likes to skip out on all the tedious rolling around and getting things lubed up, I like to just Get in there and starting pounding it out!

To help me with the foreplay of pressing rounds I decided to get the RCBS Lube Die to save me time and allow me to focus on the rest of the reloading process. Let’s take a quick look at at what you get.

For progressive press reloaders this will replace your sizing/depriming die at station 1 and move  your resizing die to station two.  You will have to adjust the deprimer pin all the way up so it does not deprime your freshly primed cartridge. Because I will be processing quite a bit of Military brass I will be running only station one and two. Then I will swage the primer pockets and then continue to the next step of the reloading process. (Editors Note: Look for an upcoming article on various methods of removing crimps on military brass)

 The RCBS Lube die has felt innards that holds the lubricant and applys it to the cases.


The rubber ring at the top is where you will inject the case lube into. RCBS directions tells us to put the die on the press and to leave the opening exposed for 30 minutes after injecting the case lube to allow the lube to properly saturate the felt applicators.

Coming Soon: Case Prep Round 1





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