REVIEW: Taccom 22RF Reliability Kit for your CMMG/Ciener setup

REVIEW: Taccom 22RF Reliability Kit for your CMMG/Ciener setup

So after receiving my new dedicated .22 barrel from CMMG I was excited to slap it together! If you have a DPMS panther claw upper mount you may want to see if you can get your hands on a friend’s block style vise mount. The dedicated .22 barrel has an extension that protrudes into the upper and does not allow the receiver to seat onto the panther claw.

I completed my dedicated .22 upper and hit the range only to find that I was having continuous issues with FTF (failure to feed) regardless of magazine and occasionally a FTE (Failure to Eject).

I browsed the web and after random threads speculating causes, I came across‘s Reliability Kit that addressed the flaws in the .22 upper. I quickly ordered so I could finally be rid of all these issues!

The first part of the kit (pictured on the left) is the pressure plug. This goes in front of your buffer to increase pressure on the .22 carrier. What can happen is that with each shot the carrier/bushing walks itself loose from the barrel extension. The extra pressure keeps the Carrier/bushing locked up to the extension and then the feed ramp stays perfectly aligned to the magazine. Otherwise the carrier will shift towards the rear and the the rounds will get caught on the feed ramp while attempting to feed.


(Pressure plug on left, Enhanced Firing pin in the Center and Extreme Extractor on the Right)


In the following pic you can see the pressure plug getting lined up in front of the buffer.


Now you can see the pressure plug in place. This will put additional pressure on the carrier to keep it in place and avoid walking.


Here is the old extractor compared to the new extractor.


New extractor installed into the carrier.


Removing the firing retaining pin.


New on the left, old on the right. The Groove on the old firing pin was deeper to clear the retaining pin. Since the groove wasn’t as shallow the firing pin was binding against the retaining roll pin when installed.



Since the firing pin was binding I carefully vised the retaining pin and then used a metal file to notch a small groove to clear the firing pin.



To prevent the new longer firing pin from sticking out too much, the kit includes some spacing shims (3x in the bag).




I took her out and thankfully she cycled flawlessly with all the ammunition I had on hand. It is a night and day difference of functionality! The largest issue I had I think was due to the carrier not locking up and walking around, the pressure plug fixed that problem! I am also going to test the pressure plug with the drop in CMMG .22 conversion kits to see if that helps it function. This minimal investment upgrade was worth every penny if it allows me to continue using bulk pack ammo for training. At the time of this article minimag 22’s were $9 for 100 cartridges and the the bulk boxes of 555 are around $24.


You can purchase the reliability kit right here,




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