REVIEW: Ares Ranger Belt Enhanced w/ PALS. A Pants Dropping Experience!

REVIEW: Ares Ranger Belt Enhanced w/ PALS. A Pants Dropping Experience!

Well… Not really pants dropping, more like Belt dropping as I was more than happy to get rid of my old belt in favor for my new Ares!

After using a Tumi fashion belt when I was put on the spot one range day, I felt it was time to step up and get something I can rely on. A belt that would be classy enough that I can use it as my daily wear and my EDC belt. Eric was fortunate enough to get ahold of the limited edition Belt which he loved and wears every day only to make me envious. The time had come for me to order one up!

Ares Belts are known for being Stiff! After all… Stiffer is better 🙂

It helps when hanging components off of your hip and keeping them orientated.

From their page
“After repeated requests for one of our early designs back, we bring you the “Ranger Belt, Enhanced, PALS”.  This belt is the enhanced version of the Ranger that was designed to lock IWB soft loops in place, preventing any lateral movement of an IWB holster along the belt, and is significantly more labor-intensive than the Enhanced Ranger Belt (hence the price increase).  Designed for wear in trousers with smaller (1.5″) belt loops. 1″ colored webbing stitched to 1.5″ colored webbing, stitched to double layers of 1.5″ black scuba webbing at 1.5″ (PALS) intervals, with Cobra QR buckle.”


What came in the box (four weeks early to0!)OTG-2480

I snagged the PALS version which has webbing for you to lock your holster in place so it doesn’t go sliding around your back. This will help you maintain consistency in your draw because you can count on your holster being in the same spot.


Beautiful Bronze Buckle in the front. You do have to remove the Female side of the buckle to be able to feed the belt thru your pant loops.


Fat guy approved! I ordered an XL which is 36″-42″ and you can see how much “slack” I have. I normally wear between a size 38-40 pants. 40 definitely when going IWB. When I go IWB the slack is all taken up. You can find more information about sizing from their FAQ page.


The belt is thick, stiff and pliable for use on humans. I have had issues with other belts having sharp edges in places and causing irritations but the Ares Belt is a high class act that revolves around function and comfort. The only problem is now I understand a ladies plight with the desire to have more color matching to what I am wearing for the day.


Order one up from AresGear. Don’t dawdle as it only will delay you longer!



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