REVIEW: Ebay “aimpoint” knock off Rubber Covers

REVIEW: Ebay “aimpoint” knock off Rubber Covers


So I wanted to dress up the Primary Arms 30mm Red Dot with a rubber cover similar to the tan Aimpoint I had on another rifle. Looking around and googling led me to eBay where a seller had a foliage rubber cover for around $13.

Now, I did a test fit with the cover to find I had the optic too far forward in the mount so the cover was stretched out. I then had to loosen the mount and push the optic forward. In the picture below you can see its placed too far rearward.


 Now you can see the optic was moved forward.


Remove the screwed on covers for elevation, horizontal axis adjustment as well as the battery cover. Start with placing the rubber cover on the rear of the optic and pulling it forward and over the front.











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