REVIEW: Fortis QD End Plate

REVIEW: Fortis QD End Plate

So in my relentless search to have the most functional and awesome looking rifle possible, I came across the Fortis QD End Plate. In the pics I came across it had a darker sheen than all the other endplates so I figured it was worth a venture to finally get a piece that will match up to my lower. I also needed to maintain my sling attachment point so the QD (Quick Detach) was essential.

Upon arrival I noticed that it was lighter than other endplates I have worked with. This is attributed to the Fortis being made from 6061 Aluminum.

Here’s a shot of the mating side of the endplate.


Here you can see the Noveske QD endplate against a Noveske Gen2 Lower


In the next picture you can see the Fortis QD endplate on a Seekins Lower. The Fortis color matches up to the Seekins VERY closely!

After the investment into a quality lower like the Seekins I am glad I didn’t skimp on the details like the endplate. Hats off to Fortis for making a quality product that both looks good and functions perfectly.



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