REVIEW: Magpul’s MOE® Fixed Carbine Stock

REVIEW: Magpul’s MOE® Fixed Carbine Stock

So after happily owning nearly one of each Magpul’s Stocks, I heard that a new one was on the horizon and I jumped to pick it up. The Fixed carbine stock appealed to me because I was hoping I could benefit from its size and reduction in weight. Every ounce counts!


(From Left: Black-STR, FDE-PRS, OD-UBR with door removed, Pink-MOE, Foliage-ACS, FDE-CTR)




One of the benefits to the simplicity of Magpul’s new stock is the reduced weight. It clocked in at 9.4Oz with Collar #1.



Magpul Carbine Stock and Collar #1. The cut at the top of the collar is to make room for your Buffer tube’s lock ring.


The Carbine Stock had two collars included in the box, one marked as unit “1” and the other, “2”. Unit “2” was identified in the instruction manual for use with Magpul’s ASAP Plate, I have Noveske’s QD plate installed and had to use collar #2 to prevent obstructing my QD from attaching.


Here you can see on adapter “1” an indexing tab for anti rotation. They interfered with the QD mount endplate so I had to switch to Collar #2.


Collar #1 pushed all the way against the endplate, but the indexing tabs are preventing it from sitting flush.


Here is Collar #2 sitting flush and giving access to the QD Mount.


Here you can see the inside of the Carbine Stock and the compression lock.


Stock pushed up against the collar.


Flat head screw tightened down and install completed!



Looking forward to hitting the range and seeing how the stock lightens up my SPR build and if it keeps a good balance with an 18″ barrel.





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