Saiga 12 Conversion

Dust cover off, you can see the spring assemble

Spring Assemble removed, now you can see the trigger group. 


Tools used while performing the conversion


Stock removed

push down on the hammer

release trigger while preventing hammer from slamming forward

Drill out the trigger pins

removing trigger pins

Three Rivets to drill out to release the trigger guard

Removed the tang so I can use a stock conversion piece. I used the dremel cut wheel and then the grinding stone to smooth the cut flat.

Angle of the cut

Here you can see that the back is not perfectly square, it’s at an angle and it needs to be cut and ground down to match up with it.

bolt hold cut with dremel to allow the safety lever to be installed AFTER the bolt hold instead of before. It doesn’t have to be an exact perfect cut, just make sure to leave enough material behind to keep the bolt hold strong

I had to drill out the hole to allow me to place the screw more forward to properly seat the grip.

Lining up the folding mechanism.