TIP: Dryfiring your 22LR Based Firearm, Safely

TIP: Dryfiring your 22LR Based Firearm, Safely

Since .22LR is rimfire ammunition, the firing pin must compress the rim of the cartridge while being contained in the chamber to ignite.


So if you remove the cartridge from this process during dry fire practice you will end up with the firing pin likely striking the face and possibly breaking your firing pin. So how can you practice dry firing a rimfire firearm to to hone your trigger work??

Snap caps were the solution albeit a pricier one compared to what I am going to share with you. Since they are going to get beaten up from repeated use, you will have to replace them over time.




I was looking for a solution online and stumbled across someone’s suggestion to use #4 drywall anchors. They insert into the 22LR chamber perfectly.


The anchors also have a lip to take the impact of the firing pin.


Snap caps still have their place since they can be loaded into your magazines and fed into the chamber from the magazine.

Thanks to the lip on the anchor being large enough, the extractor can still grab on to eject the “Round”





Hit up your local store to get a hundred units for only a couple of dollars.

be aware, there may be an upcharge for Tactical colors.



Example of some available from Amazon