Trijicon TRSA137O HD Night Sights on an M&P Shield?

Trijicon TRSA137O HD Night Sights on an M&P Shield?

Trijicon makes their HD sights for the M&P line, excluding the Shield and C.O.R.E according to their site. Someone smarter than I, wouldn’t give up there and tested the M&P specific units in their Shield to find that they merely “extended” past the slide.

I love Trijicon’s HD sights because the orange pops for my vision and allows me to get my fastest sight acquisition from the draw. In addition to having Tritium inserts the Orange or yellow paint on the front post is photoluminescent. You can charge the paint with your flashlight and get a few minutes of glow so you can easily track your front post. Otherwise you are playing the game of aligning the tritium inserts instead of focusing on your front post. They also have a U shaped notch which I prefer because it’s easier for my vision to balance a semi-circle instead of trying to balance the size of “rectangles” on either side of traditional posts for your sight alignment.


So all three trtitium vials glow green at night (for “7 years”) and the front post will glow orange around the vial if you charge it.


Now for some pics of the sights and how much they protrude VS stock sights.








So how much is this protrusion?



Not enough for me to wait for the Shield designated model. Since I was introduced to the HD line I have installed the Trijicon HDs onto my HK45c and P30.

You can learn more about them here,


Night Time Shots
Trtium inserts glowing on the front and rear.


Tritium Inserts, the orange is visible from the tritium illuminating the paint.


After charging the orange with a flashlight for ten seconds.


Shorter exposure on the camera to see how the orange pops out more.

Holding in closer



Punched out you can see how easy it is to follow front post.