Will the TangoDown iO Rubber Cover Fit PrimaryArms MicroDot?

Will the TangoDown iO Rubber Cover Fit PrimaryArms MicroDot?

So hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the PrimaryArms MicroDot that I reviewed awhile back. It’s been kicking ass on the range so far, minus one complaint. The Rubber Bikini covers that comes with it.

You either have to remove it completely and stuff it in your pocket or your gear bag and hope to find it again when packing up. Or, turn the bikini 90 degrees so it still wraps around the optic but flops around.


Lets start off by allowing me to introduce you to the solution.

The TangoDown iO Optic Cover came to life thanks to the Kickstarter Project that made it all possible. It’s made from a thermoplastic polyurethane that is pliable and firm. It’s designed for All AimpointTM T-1/H-1/R-1 Optics.




Top With Covers open (at resting)


Top View with caps snapped together.



So the Pink Seekins we built was using the Primary Arms Micro dot and was begging for the TangoDown Cover.

Old bikini style cover




TangoDown Cover installed, view of right side controls



Covers clipped together


Left side of the cover with caps closed



Left side of the cover with caps open



Perfect functionality with PA’s Micro so far with the TD Cover! Anything that can make your life easier without a detriment to your shooting capability should always be considered to make you more effective in your manipulation of the firearm. Having a bikini cover flopping around while your running is not an optimal condition. Thankfully, now thats remedied on this rifle with TD’s iO cover.

You can purchase the cover from TangoDowns website or their distributors such as Rainier Arms


Description from TangoDown’s Site

Item description
Model iO-001 Optic Cover You can’t shoot what you can’t see, and the fight won’t wait. Protect your lenses and keep them clear of rain, snow, sand, mud, dust and other debris. • Keeps lenses clear in harsh conditions • One-handed operation • Durable thermoplastic polyurethane • Low profile for a clean sight picture The iO Cover is designed to be a protective cover for Aimpoint Micros with integral lens caps that can be quickly operated with one hand. Once open, just snap caps together to be out of the way. When conditions are less than ideal, simply twist the caps apart and snap the lens covers in place with either hand. The iO Cover can also keep dust and debris off the lenses during weapon storage. The caps can quickly be swiped open with either hand, and they never block the sight picture under recoil or movement. The iO Cover is made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane, chosen for its durability and resistance to oil, fuel, solvents, temperature, abrasion, tears, cuts, and UV exposure. The material is also receptive to most spray paints and water dip coatings for further camouflage or marking of less lethal equipment. Fits All AimpointTM T-1/H-1/R-1 Optics




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