ZombieSquad’s Chapter 20 – Mosin Nagant Range Day

ZombieSquad’s Chapter 20 – Mosin Nagant Range Day

Eric had the great idea of setting up a range day for ComBloc firearms filled with friendly competition,  tutorials for those new to the Mosin Nagant (such as myself), rifle basics, marksmanship, then finish up with some target shooting offhand, sitting, kneeling, and prone.
All Mosin, all the time.

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We held the event at the Aurora Sportsmans Club in Waterman, IL.

So when Eric mentioning to Mystic_1 that he had just purchased his first Mosin Nagant, a decent looking laminated stock one from ’43, and he said he has like two or three, and several others from Zombie Squad Chapter 20 (Chicagoland Chapter) also have a couple/few Mosin’s as well. This gave him the idea of hosting a Range day at Aurora Sportsman’s Club with me. While a bit pricey to be a member, ASC has plenty of room, and Guests are only $10 for the day!  With six or eight of us showing up, we could take over a full or half-bay. And being the day before Easter, we found the 50 yard range completely empty and quickly moved in.

Eric had the idea of setting up a fun competition with their Mosins. Everyone line up and take aim at clays that we hung from Erics new toy that was strung between two poles.

The Top Shot style competition was setup to have a shooter take out a clay with a single shot, If successful they would continue to take out subsequent clays. If they missed the next shooter in the line would then try their skills.
When the clays ran out the person with the most hits would win.

Then we had the joy of trying out the .50 one of the members brought.

It was a pleasure meeting Zombiesquad:20 and spending the day defending ourselves from what may, or may not have been hostile paper targets.

One of the ZS member’s blogs about the event (http://abretok.blogspot.com/2012/04/communist-bloc-party.html)

All in all a fun day with some vintage, and yet capable rifles. One thing I can say for sure, we all need practice shooting clay sized targets at 100 yards, offhand.



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